Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just talking 'bout the bug ...

Come on in and share your comments or memories about the Boll Weevil Monument or Enterprise, Alabama. I wasn't sure how to set up a message board, but Blogspot came to the rescue! Just click on the "Comments" button below this post.


Bearkat said...

My dad was in flight school at Ft. Rucker in 1978 and our family lived in Enterprise. I haven't visited there since then, but The Boll Weevil Monument was one of the special characteristics of the town I remember well. Your page was the first I heard about the vandalism of Monument. Very sad and needless, and defintely an event worthy of authentic news reporting! To The Daily Show: what is funny about satirizing the destruction of a local landmark? How would you feel about it if the same happened in your back yard?

Thank you for your efforts in helping preserve this unique history!

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